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16 January 2005
As you'll know if you've been following my travel log, I took the long way back from WWDC, and got home on October 5 last year. Since then, my modem port has been broken and I've been waiting for Telecom (who use their monopoly to keep people who don't use their ISP waiting) to install ADSL, which at last happened about a week ago. There's a lot to catch up on.

If I tell you too much about WWDC I'll have to kill you, but I met a whole lot of other developers and other Mac nuts, it was awesome. Among those that I can remember meeting at this particular moment are (in rough chronological order) Alex Fielding, Steve Wozniak, Jeff Disher, Chris Collins, John C. Randolph, Kim Silverman (the speech magician who looks the part), James Dempsey (the one who sings), Keith Lamont, Andrei Freeman, Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch, Shaun Wexler (extremely briefly, but I remember it because we were originally planning to share a hotel room) and Rob Rix (not at WWDC, but in Canada, which is almost as good.) It was most awesome being at an actual Steve Jobs keynote, rather than watching a low-bandwidth stream a few hours later when I've already read about the announcements. It was weird watching the stream from Macworld 2005 last week, and recognising the room. I've also been to the Apple campus. The whole trip was insanely great.

Since arriving home I've been working on the long-awaited Cocoa version of a HyperCard stack I wrote about eight years ago and never released. The new APIs in Tiger solved three of the problems I had to think through before starting development, so I might actually be able to finish it. I've also added a few features to the Apronyms app, and fixed the link to it on the left, but I haven't released the new version yet.

I have, however, just written an app for Universal Networks, for checking balances on It won't be of any use to you unless you use the service, which in turn won't be of any use to you unless you live in a flat in New Zealand. However, it does mean I can delete the broken links to Altscape (which no longer exists) from this site, while still having the 'Clients' section. It makes me look important, don't you think?

In a couple of weeks I'll be going to Sydney to the Tiger Tech Talks, which I can attend for free since I'm an ADC Select member until February 26th. It's also a good excuse to catch up with Chris Collins, and see Sydney without having to admit to Australia being a worthwhile holiday destination.
2 July 2004
It's the last day of WWDC, and I took the opportunity to do some much-needed compatibility testing of Brettrix, which had previously only been tested on the 800x600 display of my iBook. Here's a picture of Brettrix running on a new 30 inch Apple Cinema display.

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