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Image Sizer is a simple image viewing program which shows the size of each image and will create an HTML 'img' tag for it. I wrote it because none of the simple image viewing programs I have shows the size, and it's sometimes a hassle to open a full-featured image editing program application just to find out the dimensions of an image to put in the HTML. For convenience I also added a button which would copy the full img tag to the clipboard, complete with width, height, src and alt filled in and the border set to 0 the way I like it. I'm sure there are other such applications out there but it was more fun (and perhaps quicker) to make my own than than to hunt one down.

Download (40KB)

Project Builder Image Sizer is my first document-based Cocoa application, and since it is so simple I have released the source code to help other people who want to make a document-based application. However, since the only documentation I read on making document-based applications was the comments in the default source code for one, I can't say that the Image Sizer source code will be much more instructive than those comments.

Download Source Code (36KB)

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