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Wow... it seems I've actually finished all the projects which were in progress on this page! To fill in space and reassure myself that I do still have stuff to do, I'll mention a few things which I have lying around half-finished. I have no idea if I'll ever release them.
I was challenged to make a Cocoa version of the MacJihad questionnaire, but went overboard and started writing a document based questionnaire program which could be used for anything from maths tests to those silly personality quizzes often found in women's magazines. I thought I could get it working in a week but at the time I was also trying to create my first Java applet so I never got around to finishing it.
An app I originally wrote to change the links on either side of the pages on this very site. It can replace text in all files in a directory... either replacing a specific piece of text with another or replacing the text (whatever it is) between two markers. It does a few other things too. It's a tiny program that works very well but it has no interface whatsoever (I actually recompile it to change the options) so is useless to anyone but me.


Warm Fuzzies rewrite
I plan to substantially change the way Warm Fuzzies works now that I know the proper way to do things. I also want to add theming and sounds.
HyperCard ports
I really want to make Cocoa versions of all the HyperCard stacks I've released, and some that I never even finished. Below are links to pages describing their current HyperCard incarnations, if they're online:
Cocoa Dev Central
Omni Group
Cocoa-dev list
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My Cocoa pages
Cocoa Apronyms