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This site is run by Angela Brett, a Cocoa developer and enthusiast since July 2001. The website is intended to showcase my Cocoa projects and give people learning Cocoa some help in finding the information they need.

If you need any software for Mac OS X, contact me and I can probably write it for you. If there's anything Cocoa-related which I can't do, I can learn it or put you in touch with somebody who can do it. Have a look at the links on the left of the page to see what I've done and what I'm currently working on.

If you're a Cocoa developer, or you want to be a Cocoa developer, get ready for a fun ride! I recommend you follow the links at the right of the page. There are links to the resources I've found most helpful while learning Cocoa, and I plan to add some of my own classes, sample code and perhaps articles if the topics aren't already well covered on other websites. Feel free to send me a friendly email - especially if you're in New Zealand, I'd love to meet some more Cocoa-developers face-to-face.

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