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24 June 2004
I leave for WWDC tomorrow! If you want to know what I'm up to, there will be more frequent updates on my travel log. If you're at WWDC, I'll be the one with a key lime iBook and hair to match.

I wanted to take a DVD to give to some of the people I'll be staying with overseas, and had to be sure they could play the DVD without changing their DVD players' regions. I was amazed that none of the DVD-related software I could find would tell me, so after much web-searching on the topic I asked a few friends if they knew of something which would help. To my surprise, one of them, David Wright, spent some time researching the format of video DVDs and wrote a perl script to extract the zoning information.

I'd rather not use the command line if I don't have to, so I've wrapped the perl script in an AppleScript droplet called InTheZone. The source code is available and I hope people will contribute to improve it... it is only about the fourth AppleScript I've ever written and I needed help to finish it, so chances are there are plenty of improvements to be made.

I have also added a link to my Objective-C interface. Some day I'll make it so that other 'NSCoders' can put up their interfaces on that site.

27 March 2004
I bought my WWDC Getting Started bundle on February 26th, and within about a week had received WWDC 2003 DVDs and an ADC Select mailout including a T-shirt, a copy of Panther, and a box containing a CD, a DVD and a few printed documents, with room for many more. The packages came all the way from the USA within about three days... but the box the WWDC 2003 DVDs came in was pretty banged up. Luckily it's made of metal or the DVDs themselves would have been smashed to pieces.

Getting all this stuff in the mail is pretty exciting. I've watched a few sessions from WWDC 2003 and it's made me even more ecstatic about going to WWDC 2004. This will surely make up for all the Windows programming I had to do to raise the money.

I decided to add that feature to Brettrix the day after watching the session on user experience. Bad idea. It would have taken me a couple of hours at most to add the feature, but when I went to add the new control to the preferences I couldn't help rearranging the whole thing according to what was said in the WWDC session. That led to several new interface-related features which I'm still working on.

I have changed the news on this site to use my new log script, the same one used for the Apronyms version history and which will be used for my travel log. I would have posted this news earlier but I had to wait until some server configuration had been done so that it would work without old links being broken.
26 January 2004
I discovered that a change I'd made for testing had stopped the apronym update from working, so I released Apronyms 0.92.

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