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Brettrix Version History

Version 1.2 released 11 April 2003
  • A bug which could prevent the creation of new option sets was fixed.
  • You can now make the Game Statistics window partially transparent, so that if the game window takes up the whole screen you can still see your statistics without them obscuring the game. Also, the option set active in the current game is shown on the Game Statistics window.
  • You can now switch option sets and create new option sets from the Game menu.
  • A bug relating to deleting and renaming option sets was fixed.
  • The version number was multiplied by the number of months in a year, divided by the day of the release date, and raised to the power of the average number of years per annum since recording began.
Version 1.1 released 23 March 2003
  • You can now use arrow keys to control the pieces.
  • You can assign a key to double the falling speed of the current piece.
  • In the interests of conserving precious disk space, a decimal point and a zero have been removed form the version number.
  • You can now submit your scores to be part of the global high score lists which are at
  • The release of this version coincides with the launch of Corko's Cosmos, the source (but not the source code) for all things Brettrix. Corko's Cosmos is at
  • In addition to the new 'Version 1.1' section, this Version History has been improved by the month in each date being changed from an ambiguous number to a month name.
Version 1.0.1 released 8 February 2003
  • Changes to the key controls now take effect the next time a game is resumed, rather than when Brettrix is restarted.
  • A bug which could cause a crash while changing the key controls has been fixed.
  • A new 'Version History' tab has been added to the 'About' screen.
  • The version number has been increased.
  • A picture has been added to the 'The Targetbirds' tab of the 'About' screen.
Version 1.0 released 5 February 2003

Initial release.

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