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My first Cocoa project ever, Acronym Checker simply checks an acronym for validity and gives it a purity rating based on how many extra words are in the expansion whose initials aren't in the acronym. Once you've come up with a valid acronym, Acronym Checker can save it to a text file or email it directly to me for inclusion in the Apronyms website.

Acronym Checker has now beed displaced by the bigger, better, Apronyms app. Apronyms can check apronyms for validity and submit them to the website (in a better way from how Acronym Checker does it, I might add)... but that's just a side feature. Its main purpose is downloading and viewing all the apronyms from the site. Still, I'll leave Acronym Checker here for people who can't run Apronyms or who are simply curious.

Since this is quite a simple program and it was my first Cocoa app, I might put the entire source code on this website to help newbies. It's probably not the best example since the main acronym-checking function is written in plain C, but perhaps I'll write a short article on converting that function to use Cocoa classes. While Acronym Checker itself won't actually benefit from that (especially since I intend to use that same C checking routine in a CGI) such an article might be useful to beginners who are resorting to doing string manipulation in C because they don't realise what's available.


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