Here are some galleries of pictures. I can't be bothered writing something to organise them in categories similarly to the acronyms so the iPhoto-generated pages will have to do.
The first trip on Dolphin Explorer
(in which we didn't see any dolphins.) Featuring sea, sky, islands, my friend Carla, a very photogenic and talkative little girl, a hat which will never be seen again, and me.
The second trip on Dolphin Explorer
(in which we saw several common dolphins, but didn't get to swim with them.) I've cropped some of the photos so you get a better view of the dolphins. There are also pictures of Carla and I, mostly on the ferry home. Plus, for those of you who like extremes, more pictures of feet and hands! This time I bought a hat clip, in memory of the hat I lost last time.
eMate and the gadgets
Taken shortly after I got my eMate, this features myBook, iZac, iiZac, ProZac (the eMate), and I/O Silver (the iPod). There is also a picture of my pile of cables.
I/O Silver, a.k.a. White Label, White Noise, whitebeat, Silverbeat or Share and Enjoy. This gallery has several self-portraits and a picture including myBook
Me - the 'best of' album
featuring a selection of the most dissimilar pictures of myself.
Apple Spring Update 1999
Dustan and I painted our faces with the Macintosh logo.
A selection of amusing pictures including my jugs, my booty, my pussy, and some really dirty ones.
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